Adam Tonderski

Industrial PhD Student




I’m researching offline perception for Autonomous Driving at Zenseact and Lund University. In particular, I’m interested in training as powerful models as possible on as little human supervision as possible :robot:

Most recently, I’m working on auto-annotation and neural simulation using NeRF-like techniques :sparkles:


Apr 11, 2024 NeuroNCAP is now available on arXiv :tada:
Mar 29, 2024 NeuRAD was accepted to CVPR 2024!!!
Nov 27, 2023 NeuRAD is now available on arXiv :sunglasses:
Oct 24, 2023 LidarCLIP got accepted to WACV 2024 :fire:
Aug 5, 2023 DESOT got accepted to BRAVO at ICCV 2023 :tada:

selected publications